Jigsaw Puzzle

For every child who loves dinosaurs, this 35-piece puzzle is perfect way to entertain and educate. Welcome to The World of Dinosaur Roar!


A community of bold and colourful dinosaurs, inspired by the classic picture book Dinosaur Roar! and created in association with the Natural History Museum, to teach young children about dinosaurs.


The colourful jigsaw puzzle features 12 dinosaur characters including Dinosaur Munch, the Diplodocus who loves food and cannot stop eating; Dinosaur Whack, the clumsy Stegosaurus and Dinosaur Honk, the Parasaurolophus who just loves to make a noise – and the louder the better!


There is also Dinosaur Boo, the Dienonychus who can’t help but be naughty; Dinosaur Snap, the scary Spinosaurus and of course, the strong, brave and heroic T Rex known as Dinosaur Roar, the King of the Dinosaurs.


The 35-piece puzzle provides plenty of dinosaur fun as well as aiding the development of hand-eye coordination skills and encouraging concentration, problem solving and independent play in youngsters.


The jigsaw puzzle which is suitable for little Dinos age 3 years and over, measures 46 x 32cm when completed.

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Dinosaur SNAP! The Spinosaurus

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